Housing Information

Students moving to Tulsa can find accommodation independently or room with other GVSM students in rental accommodation. Global Ventures offers limited housing on a first-come, first-serve basis. Should there be no more availability in GV housing, we are prepared to help you find quality apartments in Tulsa. We have researched for you and can help you find the most suitable accommodation.

We encourage students to room together when possible to promote community and truly experience our School of Missions to the fullest. Any GVSM students who are rooming together, whether in GV housing or not, will be subject to monthly inspections by a mentor who will check on the physical conditions of the housing as well as support students in navigating communal living situations.

About the Tulsa Metro Area

Once considered the oil capital of the world, “T-Town” has developed into a vibrant (albeit small), modern metro area. Straddling the South, Southwest and Midwest regions of the country, Tulsa is home to a distinct culture comprised of the best characteristics of each of these regions, in addition to Native American and cowboy heritage. Perhaps the most inviting aspect of Tulsa’s culture, however, is its warm and welcoming hospitality and a very strong faith community.

There is no shortage of great churches, and you will feel comfortable with the down-to-earth attitudes of residents who are quick to offer a helping hand. The city has an airport that connects to many major cities around the U.S., and you can get pretty much anywhere you want to in the metro area within a 25-minute drive.