“We are about reuniting people with their divine purpose, and that divine purpose should be to reunite others with their Creator.”

-John Smithwick, Founder of Global Ventures

The GV School of Missions (GVSM) is designed for those who have a desire to go to the nations (short or long-term) but need the hands-on tools to get there. Classes will be taught by John and Martine Smithwick and many other seasoned missionaries.

More than a school, it’s your next step towards your purpose.

Through this 1-year program, you will become an effective soul-winner, learn the behind-the-scenes work of missions and ministry, and take part in evangelism projects around the world with Global Ventures. Whether you desire to be involved in missions long-term, see yourself in ministry here in the US, or you simply desire a foundation in evangelism, GVSM will help you gain the knowledge and practical skill sets to make it happen.

Upon graduation, students may apply for the CORE Internship Program where practical experience can be gained by working in a ministry department at Global Ventures.

Our program has much to offer you for your growth and development.

Biblical Studies

Students get a Biblical foundation on the Word of God. Having a Biblical worldview is vital in the times we live and we go in-depth on some of the key topics that prepare students for ministry.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Not only will you learn the practical side of missions, but they will also minister extensive biblical teaching on evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and more! You will be taught first-hand from John & Martine Smithwick who have 20+ years of experience in missionary work and stateside ministry.

Hands-On Training

Some things that are really necessary to be effective in ministry can be taught in a school, but most of them you have to learn from actually doing.

At GVSM, you will have both classroom and hands-on training In Communication and Leadership Skills, Overseas Logistics Planning, Mass Evangelism Projects (Crusades and Outreaches), Effectively Ministering in Various Settings, Children’s Ministry, Building Financial Support for Ministry, Media, and Graphic Arts, Organizational Skills and more!

Media & Creative Arts

No matter what ministry or line of work you find yourself in, learning the different aspects of creative arts is an essential part of connecting and being successful in today’s society. You will spend an allotted amount of time learning directly from our Creative Department. During this time you will learn about audio and visual tools, editing, creative writing, and so much more. Each lesson will help give you the tools to further ministry using the creative arts.

Children’s Ministry

GV conducts kid’s festivals in the U.S. and overseas and has made reaching children a major priority in every evangelism project. You will receive training on Children’s Ministry and become part of making these outreaches come to life.


Discover the leader inside of you with in-depth leadership training. GV equips and empowers you to be the leader God has designed you to be. Leadership principles are instilled into you from the start, and are developed through books, teaching and real-life scenarios from the office to the mission field.

Building Financial Support

Good communication skills open the door for you to share your heart and vision and influence people to become part of your mission. You are developed in various aspects of communication so that you can effectively share the Gospel, lead others and influence people.

You will receive training on how to fundraise and build financial support. The goal is for you to be self-sustained through a monthly support system that allows you to travel or live overseas long term.

Travel the World

Live your dream of traveling the world by taking part in up to 4 Global Ventures trips a year! You will become well versed in sharing the Gospel in all types of settings and to diverse people groups from developed to underdeveloped nations.

There are short and long-term opportunities to serve in other countries and get involved in follow-up and church planting projects such as the Thailand Harvest Plan.