Course Topics


Students gain a Biblical foundation on the Word of God.

  • New Testament Survey
  • Salvation, Righteousness & Redemption
  • Interpreting the Bible
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Authority of the Believer
  • Healing & Miracles
  • Praise & Worship
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • Servanthood
  • Apologetics


Students learn how to share their faith in various settings and to all religious backgrounds and people groups.

  • Missional Living & the Great Commission
  • What is the Gospel
  • The Power of the Gospel
  • Purpose of Harvest (Mass Evangelism)
  • Evangelism Strategies & Approaches
  • Being a Disciple & Making Disciples
  • Study of Unreached People Groups
  • Missions History


Students experience practical development as they are coached and given feedback on various assignments and presentations that are required.

  • Outreaches & Crusades
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Discipleship & Church Planting
  • Media & Graphic Arts
  • Organization & Time Management
  • Preparing Sermons/Teaching
  • Oral Communication & Presentations
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning


Learn about the various cultures of the world and how to create international relationships that cause long-term work to be established in the nations.

  • World Religions
  • International Relations
  • The Study of World Cultures
  • Short-term Mission Trips
  • Living Abroad as a Missionary


Developing a financial support system is a vital key in pursuing missions long-term. Students will learn how to connect with people and develop new relationships. Students will develop the skills needed to communicate in multiple settings and platforms.

  • Biblical Perspective on Partnership
  • Partnership Foundation
  • Donor Development
  • Administration & Logistics
  • Digital Communication
  • Developing Compelling Presentations
  • Booking Churches/Meetings
  • Building Sustaining Support Long-Term


Learn the keys to developing as a leader in order to successfully lead teams, influence people, conduct outreaches and crusades as well as lead and influence people abroad.

  • Biblical Studies of Leadership
  • Being a People Person
  • Ministerial Ethics
  • Effective Communication
  • Delegation
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Peer Leadership