About Global Ventures


“That All May Know” is more than just a motto. From crowds of thousands to the forgotten orphan on the street, we believe that every single person is infinitely valuable. That’s why we’ve been mobilizing everyday people to the lost and hurting around the world.

The ministry was founded in 1998 by John Smithwick with the vision of training and equipping the church to go to the harvest field. These opportunities and open doors will not last forever. That’s why it’s vital that we strategically position the church to reach the unreached so that generations will turn to Jesus.

Since 2007, we have raised people up from all age groups and walks of life to be active in ministry through our intensive internship program. And now, with the GV School of Missions even more people can receive purposeful hands-on training, that will set them on course to pursue their God-given purpose!

For over twenty years, John and Martine Smithwick have traveled the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached.

They have carried God’s healing, miracle power to over 35 nations and have seen God perform many notable miracles. They began taking teams on mission trips in 2002. To date, over 2,600 short-term missionaries have joined them in 25 countries around the world.

Since JSMI/Global Ventures was founded in 1998, they have seen over 2.4 million souls won to Christ through mass crusade evangelism and strategic outreaches. In many unreached areas of the world, Global Ventures has planted churches and trained Christian leaders with effective strategies to disciple new believers and reach out to their communities.

It is their heart to not only reach the unreached, but also to raise up an army that is passionate about doing the same. This is why they take teams with them overseas on their Global Ventures trips. As a part of their endeavor to reach the lost, they produced the reality TV show Global Ventures to show the great need of the lost around the world.

John and Martine live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with their two sons, Andrew and David.

For more information about the ministry of Global Ventures, please visit GLOBALVENTURES.TV